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“Sustainable Approach For Equity” Foundation is a non-profit grass-roots charitable organization with a mission to provide opportunities, vocational rehabilitation training, educational services, and restoring hope to the vulnerable.

SAFE foundation serves as an umbrella for high-value long-term projects.

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Safe Haven - Bait Noor

The project provides a safe home and a shelter for many vulnerable, homeless, and orphaned children in the immediate area.


SAFE Foundation supports girls from secondary school who can not afford to pay for their final exams.


SAFE repairs existing boreholes in the local area as well as new access to water is created throughout the state of Kano, Nigeria.


Donate as a general donation which ensures a day to day living expenses or supplemented to other on going projects.

Let’s change the world by our examples rather than opinions

For the past 5 years we have experienced a great deal of demand to solve so many life threatening issues around local communities and IDP camps, the level of poverty and lack of proper governance has pushed so many innocent lives of children and women to vises not fit for the common good of the world at-large

SAFE foundation came up with some target goals and projects to help save lives in different ways

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others

Booker T. Washington

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