The end they say justifies the means, and thus the greatest part of ones life. This is a crusade that began some months when we barely had adequate knowledge of what we wanted doing but one thing remained constant which is we want to impact, we want to change lives and amplify hopes, we want to bring sanity to a dysfunctional system that requires our strength and little knowledge to be sound.

Yesterday saw us lunching our Almajiri Entrepreneurship Project by providing starter packs to the Almajiri children and handing them over to their master trainers who will guide them through untill they are able to use that skill as a means of livelihood.

We might not have all it takes to do the needful, but the virtue in patience and perseverance saw us yielding this reasonable result, and with the least of contentment in our hearts we can outrightly say we tried and channel all resources and energy in the right directions.

This is an act that will continue to have positive impact in the lives of those touched, another turnaround for a functional society, resonating hope for a better tomorrow. Posterity will not forget this act that we have collectively put in. The joy laughter and the willingness was second to none.

Today, as we wrap up this phase of the campaign, we hope we’ve been able to measure up to some of the things we initially wanted to do, may our little effort sees the light of the day, may these children have reason to smile to the stigmatizing society, and may the perception of the society change for good towards these children.
May this act pave the way for more blessings and wisdom for the subsequent projects that lies ahead.

Thank you.
Alee Bazhi Adam