Today, 29th January 2020 we had the privilege of extending our advocacy campaign to Radio Nigeria, and the foremost Zazzau Emirate, Zaria, Kaduna.

In his infinite mercy, Almighty Allah has seen us through this journey with bounties to reckon with.

Both visits being held by the two reinforced and joint teams were successful and the authorities in focus have given total support and pledged contributions in areas where necessary.

At FRCN Kaduna, we were also opportune to meet in a discussion panel with the General Manager and Producers from its sister station, Supreme FM.

At Zazzau Emirate, we have witnessed inexplicably home-like welcoming and received total support from the Emir, who pledged unflinching engagement in the quest to Almajiri Reform in Northern Nigeria. Perhaps, Zazzau Emirate is now a home!