“A Report on the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Disbursement of Feeding Stipends to Beneficiaries of the Almajiri Entrepreneurship Support Project on Friday 21st February 2020.

By Awwal Tahir Tambaya
(Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)

On this day, the monitoring and evaluation team of 1 to Help 10 Almajiri Transformation Campaign went round to monitor and track the progress and otherwise of the Entrepreneurship Support program and to support the children with stipends for their feeding.

On arrival at the bag making shop opposite central mosque Anguwan Daji minna, both beneficiaries were present, always punctual and progressively doing well, their composure and manners during work are encouraging and commended by their master trainer.

The team also visited the Barber Shop at Unguwar Daji Minna but only one out of the three beneficiaries were present due to power outage during that period but the master trainer attested that all of them are consistent and hardworking only that they mostly complain that they need time to go and look for food, he (Master Trainer) however assured that he will also contribute to their feeding allowances on Saturdays and Sundays.

At Dutsen Kuran Gwari tailoring shop all the beneficiaries were present except for their master who traveled to mourn the loss of his elder brother May his Soul rests in peace Ameen. As such he was represented by the second in command at the shop and a good remark was given on their behalf.

There was a track of success at the Shoe Making shop in Dutsen Kuran Gwari were the only beneficiary was present at the time of monitoring but the Master maintained that they are both on track only that the other had returned back to the tsangaya school to clear some issues..a good remark was given from the master.

More so at the Dutsen Kuran Gwari Barbing Shop, there is some form of negligence from one of the beneficiaries where he had to be called from somewhere for him to be evaluated, but the other person always is on track.
Lastly, the Tailoring shop at Anguwan daji was locked at the time of visit I tried reaching the Master’s phone but couldn’t get through so we had to postpone it for another time.

Thank you, may God bless us all. Amen